Team wob-racing Interview

Amira Tamam

Founded in 2003, wob-racing is one of the teams with long history in the Formula Student world. Building their 16th car, they are coming back to FSN this year to gain even more experience to achieve further development and continue their journey of accomplishments.

wob-racing Team Photo

wob-racing Team Photo

  • Introduce your team briefly.

The Team wob-racing. is the Formula Student Team of the UAS Ostfalia in Wolfsburg. Consisting of 35 team members from many different faculties, the Team provides the opportunity for every Ostfalia student to experience the Formula Student life.

  • Tell us about your team’s history with Formula Student. 

The WR15 is our 16th car in total due to a dual development of electric and combustion car in 2011. We are constantly optimising our design and have made some major changes to our concept in the last year, switching from steel tube frame to monocoque and from RWD to AWD. We are looking forward to seeing our developments for this year’s car pay out.

  • What does joining Formula Student Netherlands mean to you?

We are extremely happy to be joining FSN again this year. During the last years we had some difficulty to secure spots in our preferred events. So being able to participate in this very well organised event with lots of friendly officials means a lot to us. The proximity of the TT Circuit is another appreciated fact.

  • What are your main goals for this year?

Last season we changed the concept for our car drastically. This year we want to improve and optimise our car. Also including reliability, as we want to start and finish every dynamic discipline on our events.

  • What made you think of/choose FSN? 

We participated in last year’s instalment of FSN and really enjoyed it. The experience was extremely professional and even more so for a second year competition.

  • What makes you different than the other teams?

The UAS Ostfalia is a small university and the participants of our team are usually freshmen. However this year we have a quite experienced team, including a lot of 3rd, 4th and even 5th year members.

  • What is your biggest achievement in Formula Student so far?

Winning Fuel Efficiency in FSG with our last combustion car in 2011. We also managed to finish the Quiz for FSN first.

  • Describe your car in three words.

Wolfsburg’s second-largest automaker