Campus Motorsport Hannover Team Interview

Amira Tamam

Introduce your team briefly

The Campus Motorsport-Team consists of about 40 highly motivated students from different fields of study. Our home is the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany.

Tell us about your team’s history with Formula Student

The Project Motorsport was brought to life in the year 2007. The team of 2008 and our supervising professor at the time went to Hockenheim to get an idea of the competition and to collect some ideas for the following construction and production of our first single seat formula race car: the Pegasus 09. We had our first experiences with this car at the Formula Student Event in Germany where we gained valuable knowledge for further development. With our following race cars, we took part in the events in Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Austria.

What does joining Formula Student Netherlands mean to you?

A lot of special memories: At FSN 2018 we were able to score our first ever overall win in the CV class.

What are your main goals for this year?

For FSN, our goal is to unleash the full potential of the vehicle for the first time in 2022. And of course, to make it a summer to remember and strengthen our team!

What made you think of/choose FSN?

FS Netherlands at the TT Circuit Assen is kind of a “home race” for us as it is the closest Formula Student Event to our home base Hanover. Plus, we already participated in FSN before and had an amazing time!

What makes you different from the other teams?

Because we are a university of applied sciences, our team has a lot of diversity – from young to old, from extensive to minimal background experience. This makes us unique and packed with potential! We also have many different nationalities and mentalities with equal chances for all members to develop and implement their ideas.

What is your most significant achievement in Formula Student so far?

Our overall win a FS Netherlands in 2018!

Do you think there are any positive outcomes for the competition from the current

The team is more than excited about the event because it’s the first big one after all this time. We had more development and testing time to unlock so much new knowledge and to build our team.

What can the Formula Student organising bodies do to help the struggling teams due to the
recent events?

To extend the length of FSN. Especially because it is the first time for the teams to go through scrutineering with their new cars. The teams need more time to be able to fix things and take part in the first dynamic disciplines on time.

Describe your car in three words

Loud, louder, noisetest-compliant.

You can follow Campus Motorsport Hannover for more updates and news on their social media platforms:

Instagram: @campusmotorsport

Facebook: @CampusMotorsport

YouTube: Campus Motorsport Hannover


We look forward to welcoming the team to the track!