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Rules & Documents

Please visit FSG’s website for the latest version of all documents and templates. All credit belongs to FSG.

In addition to the FSG Rules 2019 V1.1, FSN have released an explanatory document clarifying some vague points. Please find the document here

FSN2019 Competition Handbook V2.0

FSN2019 DSS CV Class

FSN2019 DSS EV Class

FSN TMRF Template

FSN2019 FTO | E85 Fuel Data Specsheet V1.1

FSN Energy Meter CAD File | FSN Energy Meter Specification Document

AC Inspection Sheet | E Inspection Sheet V1.1 |
Mechanical Inspection V3

FSN2019 General Time Table V4.1

FSN2019 Static Event Schedule V3.2

Scrutineering Queue and A&E Timeslots V1.1

Venuemap V4

Registered Teams FSN2019

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Reclaim your VAT

According to the Dutch IRS (Belastingdienst); ” The organizer of Formula Student Netherlands, Tilt Works B.V. registered under number 66930308 at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, provides an educational service within the Netherlands. As Tilt Works B.V. is a Dutch Company, the standard Dutch VAT for educational services applies. For invoices dated until 31-12-2018, this tariff is 6%. From 01-01-2019 the tariff is 9%”

If your team or university is registered and has a VAT Number, you may reclaim your VAT at the Dutch IRS via this link