GET racing

GET Racing Team Interview

Amira Tamam

Joining Formula Student Netherlands 2019 with their ninth built car, GET Racing’s COO Steffen Hövel officially introduced the TU Dortmund team for the new Formula Student season. Founded in 2005, the team is excited to gain even more experience by coming back to FSN with their newest car, after wining eleventh place last year.   * Introduce your team briefly. We are GET racing, …

RU Racing

RU Racing Team Interview

Amira Tamam

For their first time competing at Formula Student Netherlands, RU Racing have given us an insight into their team’s dynamic through a brief introduction about their team’s growth for the past three years. Coming from Reykjavik University, Iceland, this team is looking forward to FSN2019 for a new adventure, determined to excel in overall performance.   Introduce your team briefly. …

Team Delft

Team Delft Interview

Amira Tamam

One of Formula Student’s long-standing teams, competing since 1999, Team Delft are thrilled about their new electric car coming to FSN2019. The team manager, Jelmer Blom, was happy to share some of the details for this season with a great history of winnings to look up to. Introduce your team briefly. – Formula Student Team Delft is a group of …

Tampere UAS Motorsport Team Interview

Amira Tamam

Founded in 2006 in Tampere, Finland, this team is coming back with their 12th car to Formula Student Netherlands 2019 after their great achievement of winning third place in the overall competition in the CV class last year. We had the pleasure of getting to know the team in more depth by talking to Sara Sinisaari, leader of the business department for  …

FUZE racing team interview

Amira Tamam

Known for their exceptional marketing events, and their fully 3Dprinted monocoque, FUZE racing team from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, are coming back to Formula Student Netherlands for a second attempt as an active participant. Project FUZE has has been integrated in the university’s curriculum, which brought together various engineering majors students as Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering & Management, forming a …

Elbflorace Team Interview

Amira Tamam

With less than six months left to the FSN2019 event, Helene Kretschmar, one of the project managers for Elbflorace, shared some of their past memories with Formula Student, and their future goals, with  CTO of the electric vehicle, Jonathan Andrä and their head of management, Viktoria Seidemann, answering a few questions in their preparation for this year’s competition. Introduce your team briefly: We …

Formula Electric Belgium

Amira Tamam

From Flanders, Belgium, Formula Electric Belgium are looking forward to joining other teams at the FSN2019 competition, the perfect place for the next generation of racing engineers and supporters to show the potential future of racing with their innovations. Willem T’Hooft, their team manager, and Joppe Weustenraad, head of Marketing, participated for their team in our Q&A section for the …

University Racing Eindhoven

Amira Tamam

Participating since the beginning of Formula Student Netherlands in 2017, and achieving a podium position each year so far, University Racing Eindhoven are coming back for the third time with their long history of achievements eager to reach top of the podium. Consisting of 68 members, URE is the largest and longest existing formula student team of Eindhoven University of …