Campus Tirol Motorsport Team Interview

Amira Tamam

Introduce your team briefly

We are Campus Tirol Motorsport, a young Formula Student team from Innsbruck, Austria.  This season, more than fifty students from our four Tyrolean partner universities are joining forces to help CTM take the next step with the e04, being the fourth generation of our electric racecar.

Tell us about your Team’s history with Formula Student

CTM’s history began in 2016 with the ambitious plans of a group of students, who set their sights on establishing a Formula Student team incorporating all four Tyrolean universities. Right from the beginning, we were fully committed to electric vehicles. After some years of a steep learning curve, with a number of event visits without a full-fledged vehicle, FS Austria 2021 marked the first time CTM participated in an event with an entirely functional and rule compliant vehicle and scored its first points. This year, we want to build on last year’s learnings and are eager to gain experiences outside Austria for the first time.

What does joining Formula Student Netherlands mean to you?

Going to Formula Student Netherlands is a big milestone for CTM, as it marks our first event participation outside our home country. This makes FSN a reward for the hard work the team has put in throughout the last years and provides an exciting opportunity for us to visit new places in Europe together with the team.

What are your main goals for this year?

We want to continue our journey and improve on what we achieved last year. Our main goal this season is to score points in every event discipline. Especially in the endurance race, this will be a big task – but we are looking forward to giving it our best shot and rising to the challenge.

What made you think of/choose FSN?

With a strong performance at the registration quizzes, we qualified for both FSN and FSG. For this year, we decided to participate in one additional competition besides our home event at FSA. We picked FS Netherlands as it provides a great opportunity to drive CTM forward and prepare for our home event, which takes place not long afterwards.

What makes you different from the other teams?

Our pure electric heritage – while many other teams gather their first Formula Student experience in the combustion class before going electric, we decided to take the more challenging path by immediately starting with an electric car.

Describe your car in three words.

Simple, Light, Green

What is your most significant achievement in Formula Student so far?

So far, finishing last year’s FSA Scruti is our biggest achievement, and also more than we had expected before arriving there last year. This year our goal is to smash that achievement and score some dynamic points.

Do you think there are any positive outcomes for the competition from the current situation?

You grow from challenges. The pandemic showed us what the possibilities and restraints of remote work are. All of us at CTM are happy to get back to personal collaboration in our workshop, but the experiences made throughout these times still provide valuable insights about work and organization going forward.

What can the formula Student organising bodies do to help the struggling teams due to the recent events?

Recent times have certainly not made the process of finding new sponsors easier. We understand that also the events heavily rely on partners and sponsors and will therefore be equally challenged by the situation. Nevertheless, lower costs for participation would be of big help to counter those difficulties for teams.

CTM in a nutshell:

Campus Tirol Motorsport is very excited to compete outside of Austria for the first time and we hope to score our first dynamic points ever in Assen. Let’s have some fun according to our motto “design, build, race, repeat”.

You can follow Campus Tirol Motorsport for more updates and news on their social media platforms:

Instagram: @campustirolmotorsport

Facebook: @campustirolmotorsport

Youtube: Campus Tirol Motorsport



We look forward to welcoming the team to the track!