Competition Documents

Competition Handbook (new version to be released) Arrival Instructions (to be released) Timetable (v4) Static Event Schedule (v3.1)

Technical Inspection Sheets

Prepare your team for scrutineering! Find all technical inspection sheets, as used at FSN2019 below: Accumulator Inspection Electrical Inspection Mechanical Inspection (to be published)

TMRF Template

The FSN2019 TMRF template has been released under Team Information. All teams must fill and upload the spreadsheet in xls or xlsx format via their team account.

Meet Your Scrutineers:Lead Electrical Scrutineer

Introduce yourself briefly. My Name is Dennis Schuckmann, I am 27 years old, born in Halverde and currently living in Karlsruhe. I began my career as an Industrial Electronics Technician Apprentice, from which I proceeded to get a master’s degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). How did your journey start with Formula Student? In 2014, during my first …

DSS Templates

DSS templates have been released under Team Information. Contrary to the competition handbook, the DSS consists of a spreadsheet which teams must fill and submit as an .xls or .xlsx file. The competition handbook will be updated with this information soon.

What is the secret formula of winning Formula Student?

Students work all year round towards competition week to fathom how to guarantee points as a top priority for excelling. No matter the level of competition, the way they prepare in the days and months leading up to the competition will determine their success. It takes some teams years of experience at various Formula Student events to figure out the …

Meet Your Judges: Lead Engineering Design Judge

1. Introduce yourself briefly. My name is Harry Alexopoulos and I’m the Lead Engineering Design Judge in FSN. I was born and raised in Greece but I currently live in Germany. My field of expertise is related to the optimisation of manufacturing processes for the best possible quality of internal and external gears, mainly used in automotive sector. 2. How …