FSN Partner Workshops & Live Demonstrations

Boost your skills at FSN2019! You can now register for any of the live demonstrations and workshops by FSN Partners. Please find all details and a registration form below

BETA-CAE Live demonstrations 1&2

YER Workshop: Negotiation skills:

Negotiation is very hard, we often think of ourselves before looking at the bigger picture and possible common interest. In this training you will learn what to do during a negotiation in order to succeed for both parties.


Monday July 8th 2019

16:00-17:30 YER Workshop 1: Negotiation Skills | Media Centre

17:45-19:15 BETA-CAE Live Demonstration 1 | Press Conference Room / BPP Room A

Tuesday July 9th 2019

10:00-11:30 YER Workshop 2: Negotiation Skills | Media Centre

17:15-18:45 BETA-CAE Live Demonstration 2 | Press Conference Room/BPP Room A

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