Hear from our volunteers

“I have been participating in FSN since the first year of its existence. In 2017, I heard that the competition will be held for the first time in the Netherlands, so I thought it would be really nice to see how such a competition is organised from scratch. We had the opportunity to more or less shape the format of the design event and some of the disciplines. Today, we still improve ourselves incorporating feedback from all volunteers. If you want to be part of a young, passionate group of people and have impact to a successfully organised event, don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be more than happy to receive your application. ”
Harry Alexopoulos – Lead Judge – Engineering Design

” If you loved the experience of competing in a Formula Student event and are looking for an extra challenge, then volunteering at FSN should definitely be on your bucket list. “
Elias Caracatsanis – Lead Judge – Cost & Manufacturing

“I joined FSN for their first event just after graduating in 2017 and it has been a great follow-up after my time as a team member. It is basically as much fun, but then without the stress you have as team member. The team is very multi-cultural and gave me the opportunity to learn from other cultures. Being with the team members and being able to learn then something (and learn from them) is very satisfying and at the start of the summer, a week of FSN is the perfect way to forget work and clear your head for the vacation”.
Rob Neggers – Lead Judge – Cost & Manufacturing

“When I volunteered at FSN in 2019 it was only its 3rd edition yet everything was handled with so much professionalism, the organisers make sure that you comfortable and everything is arranged for you. I volunteer because even though I’m not an active FSAE team member anymore it’s feels great to experience competition from the other perspective.”
Shraddha Nigade – Cost & Manufacturing judge

“Being a volunteer in FSN means you have zero worries concerning your arrival to the venue. The organisers will make sure to know all about your travel planning and assist you with it. That even includes picking you up from various location points, as they did with me and my fellow judges in 2019, after we arrived at the city of Groningen.”
– Fillia Sité – Judge

“As part of the event crew, I do all kinds of jobs, being a taxi for the other volunteers, bringing items that the volunteers need during the day but also cleaning and of course buying some of the groceries.
What I like most about it is that I see everyone during FSN, all the volunteers from the different departments but also a lot of the FS teams! “
Yvette Soesbergen – Event Crew

“There is no doubt that Formula Student can be rewarding. Having participated as members, most of us have experienced the thrill of productivity, problem solving, meeting and collaborating with different people and sharpening our skills. Being part of the organization of a Formula Student event is the next step and it is challenging, productive and definitely a blast. So if you have that classic FS addiction problem, join now!”
John Charalampidis – Lead M-Scrutineer

” My experience with FSN has been a very good one, after the time at my FSAE team I wanted to contribute to the community and decided to help the growing FSN competition. By joining FSN I learned cooperating in a different way, further increased my engineering knowledge, how to make tough, fair decisions (and got to practice writing a nice review). If you are looking for a new challenge and like working together in a team I’d definitely recommend it! “
Lennard Katan, Lead M-Scrutineer

” I’ve been with FSN since the beginning and I’m getting so much energy from working with the so-called FSN-family! Not only will it be an experience you carry with for your whole life, also you’ll meet so many friends from all over the world. Come join us! “
Algri ten Hoor – Event Crew

“My first contact with FSN was during the first edition in 2017, where the competition was still growing. That inspired me to help the competition improve and seeing it three years later, I couldn’t be prouder of the work done.”
Dennis SchuckmannLead E-scrutineer