Update (2) regarding C&M Event

UPDATE 12 June 2021: All elements of the second stage of the C&M event will take place on-site. Teams do not have to submit video assemblies.

Recent changes to COVID-19 related restrictions allow for the 2nd Stage of the Cost & Manufacturing event to fully take place on-site.

Instead of an online conversation, teams will be able to have the Cost Understanding & BOM discussion on-site. The discussion will take place at each team’s pitbox, with respect to social distancing rules. Each team is allowed to bring 2 extra members to the event for this stage. These team members must be listed as ‘C&M Crew’ on the Team Member Registration Form. These two team members must also be the presenters for Stage 3 (Finals) of the C&M Event.

The competition handbook will be updated with this information around June 16th.