Update #2 to cancellation of Formula Student Netherlands 2020

April 17th, 2020

Dear Teams, Volunteers, Friends of FSN,

In this update, we have more information regarding the cancellation of Formula Student Netherlands 2020. First of all, we are very excited to announce our collaboration with our friends from FS East in the organization of ‘Formula Student Online’ as an alternative to our offline events in 2020. Over the past weeks our organizations have worked together to set the boundaries for this online event. Thanks to the teams for sharing their ideas and suggestions. Currently, the officials are working on the final rulebook. The initial concept as presented by FS East can be found through this link:

FS Online Event Vision

Great benefits are available for teams that participate in FS Online, such as:

  • The top 30% will be pre-registered for both FS East and FSN in 2021
  • The top 5 will have scrutineering priority in both FS East and FSN in 2021
  • The top 3 will have 100% discount from the registration fee in 2021 on FS East or FSN, or 50-50 percent on both.

We are extending the registration for the teams that were registered to FS East or FS Netherlands. The deadline to register is 24th of April, 23:59 CEST.
You can register for the online event or for your refund via this link:

Register for FS Online

If we do not receive a submission in time, we assume you will not take part in FS Online.

We also started to collect your questions and answer them.
You can find the Q&A document here

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Refunds & Registration

Aside from the benefits from FS Online and our usual quiz exemptions for teams from the Benelux area, teams will have to register via a normal (quiz) procedure for FSN2021. As published in Update #1, the rules will remain the same and cars that would have been eligible for FSN2020 will be eligible for FSN2021.

The most difficult topic around the cancellation of FSN2020 is the refund policy for entry fees and campsite fees. At FSN, we always strive to have the most fair solution for every team involved. Every year, we try to organize a great event without quality compromises at a world renowned venue. That means we sign contracts and make down payments in advance to ensure a quality event for teams, sponsors and volunteers. In this exceptional situation, that also means a 100% refund of fees is not possible. In the scheme below, you will find how much of your entry fee and campsite fee will be refunded. This will also depend on your decision to enter FS Online or not. Please note that the refund amount is based on the entry fee including tax, so for most teams the percentual refund will actually be a little bit higher if you reclaimed your tax. The distinction between the refundable amount for the registration fee and the campsite fee represent the liabilities in both entities accurately and therefore offers a fair balance of refunds.

At this moment in time, we do not know when the refunds will be transferred back to your accounts, but it will be sometime in the next few months.