Update #1 to cancellation of Formula Student Netherlands 2020

April 3, 2020

Dear Teams, Volunteers, Friends of FSN,

Thank you for your kind messages after the announcement of the cancellation of FSN2020 last week. After meeting with our European colleagues and internal team, we would like to update you on the situation regarding some of the most frequently asked questions.

Registration fees:
Currently, the FSN team is working on the refund policy. The exact refund and other compensation regulations will be announced in another update, as we are negotiating liabilities with all parties involved. Unfortunately a 100% refund will not be possible.

Rules 2021:
There are no changes to the current technical rule set for 2021. All rule requests and the corresponding answers remain valid for 2021, and no re-submission is necessary.
We will also extend the period of student status of currently seven months mentioned in rule A 4.3.1 in order to make official participation of team members who worked extensively on this year’s vehicle possible. For FSN, this period will be extended to 19 months. Also, regarding first year vehicles the regulation will be expanded. Every car that would have been eligible for FSN2020 will be eligible for FSN2021.

Document submissions and Deadlines:
Interested teams may receive feedback about their submission of technical documentation (ESF, IAD, SES) if requested. To help us streamline the process, please do the following:
1) Include specific questions including the desired focus of the review in a prominent place in the ESF, on the second page of the IAD, or within tab “Version History” of the SES. Point to specific issues or uncertainties. Without these additional questions and remarks, we will not review the document.
2) Reupload the IAD/SES or resubmit the form of the ESF as previous uploads have been removed from the system. We will not monitor any deadlines, however, if you wish for our feedback, upload your documents as soon as possible. Any pass/fail will not be valid for 2021 yet.
 3) Allow the reviewers some time as we try to support all teams to the best of our ability.

For FSN, all mentioned documents (ESF, SES and IAD) should be submitted at FSG. The feedback will be provided through the collaboration of the document inspectors of the events. All current IAD submissions will be removed from the FSN MyTeam system.

We will update you on other documents and deadlines in another update. We also expect to publish the preliminary technical inspection sheets soon.

Best regards

The FSN Team