TMRF Deadline Extended & Competition Information

The Team Member Registration Form (TMRF) Deadline, currently dated at May 1st 2021 will be extended to June 4th 2021 13:00 CEST. At least two weeks prior to this date, a template will be available to download under the documents section of our website.

At this moment in time (April 23), we expect a live event to take place at the scheduled event date, however teams should expect changes to the usual format of the competition. Within two weeks, an updated competition handbook will be released with all details, but we can already share some key details:

  • Scrutineering & Dynamics will take place at the TT Circuit.
  • Static events will be partly online, partly at the TT Circuit in several stages.
  • Team sizes will be very limited. Teams should start planning dedicated members for the following tasks; Drivers, Scrutineering Crew, Static Event Crew.
  • The amount of allowed dynamic events per driver will be increased.
  • Campsite will be open for teams and teams must stay on the campsite.
  • Costs of the campsite will not decrease as we have to provide extra facilities.
  • No costs will be charged for bringing extra team members if the situation allows it, to compensate for the campsite.
  • Extensive hygiene regulations and policies will be established.
  • Teams should expect mandatory COVID testing, both in country of origin and possibly on site.
  • Moving the event date is not an option.

Please note that the situation in the Netherlands is evaluated on a weekly basis and regulations & policy may change at that pace. The FSN Team does its very best to organize a great event for you this summer. If you have any questions, please contact us at