Technical Inspection Order & Schedule Released

Please find the full schedule on the documents page

For EV Class:

  • Scrutineering commences in a timeslot based system. The first attempt at both Accumulator and Electrical Inspection have been planned. Throughout the event, rescrutineering timeslots are available. These can be planned on site at the scrutineering area.
  • If a team passes both accumulator and electrical inspection, the team may continue to queue for the mechanical inspection. Mechanical inspection proceeds through a line system, simply queue up!

For CV Class:

  • Scrutineering commences with Mechanical Inspection. The system is based on a line system. Teams are asked to line up based on the Technical Inspection Order (TIO). If a team in front is not present, you may move up the line. We advise you to have someone near the queue to monitor the line.
  • The TIO only counts for the first attempt at Mechanical Inspection
  • The Top 6 is invited to attempt Mechanical Inspection on Saturday July 3rd.