Quiz Information & FAQ

February 5th 2021 is registration day for most European FS events. In this post, you will find all information about the FSN quiz and some answers to frequently asked questions.

Euro Quiz Schedule:

09:00 CET: FS Switzerland
11:00 CET: FS East
13:00 CET: FS Germany
15:00 CET: FS Czech Republic
17:00 CET: FS Netherlands
19:00 CET: FS Austria

FSN Quiz Procedure

At least one hour prior to the quiz, you will able to login to the quiz page via the button on the homepage. Please make sure to log in and check if you are assigned to the correct class; combustion or electric.

IMPORTANT: Please do not change your password on quiz day. If you have changed your password on February 5th, contact the FSN Team on info@formula-student.nl

Password changes are synced to the quiz server, but not instantly!

The quiz will start at 17:00 CET and will finish at 19:00 CET. Most likely, you will not need two hours to finish all questions. Any answers submitted after 19:00 CET will not be considered in the final score.

Questions are presented one-by-one. Each question must be submitted before you can continue to the next question. There is no time limit or time bonus for any question. All questions are multiple-choice, only 1 answer is best.

You can only access the quiz through your team account. Please adhere to your local regulations in regard to COVID-19. Any team that does not adhere to their local regulations will be penalized. We advise Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to discuss with your quizzing team.

Your score will be based on the amount of correct answers and the time elapsed, in that order. Time starts counting from 17:00 CET, regardless of the actual start time.

At 19:00 CET, the answers to the quiz will be published. After publication, you may protest the answers for two hours, until approximately 21:00 CET.

Only protests send to info@formula-student.nl will be considered. All protests must clearly state the team name, university, class and the question number to protest is made to.

After the protest time, the results will be published as soon as possible. Depending on the protests, this might take several hours.

The teams with the best results will fill the remaining slots in each classes (21 in EV Class, 28 in CV Class). See the full list here . All other teams will be placed on the waiting list.

Teams with a slot will gain a pre-registration status, which can be confirmed to ‘Registered’ by transferring the registration deposit of €200,- via PayPal within 72 hours from the time of publishing the final results. A link will be available in your MyTeam dashboard.

If a team fails to transfer the registration deposit, the next team on the waiting list will be invited for that slot. Again, they have 72 hours to transfer the registration deposit. This continues until are slots are filled by ‘Registered’ teams.

Registered teams can select their car number through their MyTeam dashboard.

The entry fee and campsite fee are due in April 2021, please see the competition handbook for details.